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There are two deadlines for submitting ads to Creative Services, for each publication. These deadlines are when materials are due to Creative Services.

The "ad" deadline is for new ads, client proofs, pickup ads w/changes and electronic files.

The second or "change" deadline is for ads resubmitted with minor changes, camera-ready hard copy, straight pickups and electronic ads arriving from AdSend or FastChannel. Please visit the specifications section for details on file preparation.

Ad Deadline
• New ads - ads that require design and production
• Proof Requests - all ads/changes requesting proof priority
• Pickups with changes - ads that have run previously under a different number and require changes
• All electronic files (except AdSend or FastChannel)

Change Deadline
• Minor changes - complete rebuilds are not accepted
• AdSend or FastChannel ads
• Straight pickups (no changes)








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